DfRR Receives High Praise, also a Report, from Someone Who Knows

Rosenzweig inscription 15-0518 IMG_1788

One of the nicest of many mem­o­rable moments at DfRR’s 4th anniver­sary “score­card event” hap­pened after every­one went home.

That May 18th pro­gram fea­tured Dr. Cyn­thia Rosen­zweig. Senior Research Sci­en­tist at NASA God­dard Insti­tute for Space Stud­ies and at Colum­bia University’s Earth Insti­tute, Cen­ter for Cli­mate Sys­tems Research. The ever-opti­mistic Dr. Rosen­zweig dis­cussed the research and advi­so­ry work of the New York City Pan­el on Cli­mate Change, which she co-chairs.

Long sto­ry short:  Dr. Rosen­zweig hand­ed DfRR Co-Chair Joan Capelin, Hon. AIA, a copy of the Panel’s 2015 Report titled Build­ing the Knowl­edge Base for Cli­mate Resilien­cy, pub­lished by the New York Acad­e­my of Sci­ences.  And she inscribed it this way: “For the AIANY DfRR – With admi­ra­tion and respect for your impor­tant work!”

Look soon for DfRR Mem­ber Gisela Garrett’s eOcu­lus­cov­er­age of pro­gram high­lights, includ­ing the enter­tain­ing and infor­ma­tive dis­cus­sion with DfRR Found­ing Co-Chairs Lance Jay Brown, FAIA, and Illya Azaroff, AIA.