The Post-Sandy Initiative


DfRR is proud to have been the genesis of a full-court-press response to Superstorm Sandy.  Many members of AIANY and of other partner organizations have carried the Post-Sandy Initiative through.  In rapid order, they — and DfRR committee members among them — produced information, insights, and inspiration.

Among the results, beyond the development of a very informed community, are a report, background materials, many inaugural events, a platform for discussion with legislators, and a running start on a strong response to future storms and other disasters.  For further information about this, please visit the Post-Sandy Initiative website.

You can follow the Post-Sandy Initiative as it evolves through its own website,, through AIANY’s coverage, and through DfRR bulletins on this website.  And if you have thoughts about this response to Sandy, by all means let us hear from you @_dfrr.